Legacy Documentation Metrics

Analytics on your documentation

Found under Project Dashboard > Documentation Metrics

Documentation Metrics can answer questions like:

  • “What were people trying to find in our docs?”
  • “Which pages do people dislike?”
  • “Which pages are the most popular?”
  • “How are people using the API Explorer?”

Letting you know who your users are and how they're interacting with your documentation.

Metrics Overview


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There are five sections in the Metrics Overview:

Total Pageview Over Time


Hover over each datapoint to get the total pageview for that day and a comparison from the previous day

Overall Metrics

This displays the

  • total pageviews
  • unique pageviews

over the last 30 (by default) or 7 days.


The percent increase or decrease is in comparison to preceding 7 or 30 day timeframe.

Top Metrics

  • Pages: Top viewed pages by URL path
  • Users: People with the most page views by email address
  • Search: Most popular search terms by count

API Explorer

The pie chart shows ratio of all successful vs unsuccessful requests sent through the API explorer.


Ranked by count, the most frequent status codes by endpoint

Page Quality

With page voting enabled, the best and worst pages are ranked here.


Under the "Best" section, a page with 3 upvotes and 0 downvotes ranks higher than a page with only 2 upvotes and 0 downvotes. Likewise for the "Worst" section for pages with more downvotes.

We gave Page Quality it's own dashboard to provide you with more details, see below!

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