Table of Features

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Admin UsersAdd users who are able to use ReadMe’s platform to edit documentation.
SearchQuickly find the docs you need through our search, powered by Algolia.
Swagger/OpenAPI ImportBuild your API specifications using Swagger/OpenAPI and import them to have your reference docs auto-generated.
APIUpdate your documentation via ReadMe's API.
API ReferenceMake API calls directly from within the documentation, and receive real information back, including error codes and header details.
User ConnectAutomatically log in your users when they visit your docs via JWT.
Custom AuthenticationUse your own OAuth to authenticate users.
Documentation MetricsSee how your users are utilizing your docs.
Custom CSS and JavaScriptCustomize with CSS to make your site fit your brand. Use JS to build in extra features or customize your ReadMe page to make it easy to use.
Set up Custom Domain & SSL Your site is at your own domain, for example or
Custom HTML in Footer/HeaderChange the HTML settings in the footer and header to create extra links to change the style to fit your needs.
Theme EditorYou can change the body color, theme, and logo.
Landing PageA home page for your docs, which can be fully customized.
Private Internal DocumentationSet your site to private using a site-wide password or ReadMe admin login.
Subdomain IncludedYour site will be
VariablesSet variables that you can re-use throughout your documentation.
VersionsVersions allow you to edit your documentation before making it live. They can be marked as beta or deprecated.
White LabeledRemove the ReadMe logo and any mention of ReadMe from your site.
Support ForumsInclude a community-based forum for your API users to ask each other questions.
Announcements PageAnnounce changes or create blog posts for your users.
Custom PagesCreate a full-width custom page for marketing and any other purpose you may need.
Health CheckLink your docs to Statuspage and inform your users about your current API status.
GlossaryDefine terms that may be specific to your API.
SSLKeep your site secure with Cloudflare certificates that are generated and maintained automatically.

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