Manage Pages

You have a variety of ways to manage your pages as you edit them.

Preview Page

You can preview a page by clicking on the preview page icon next to the save button. It will open up the page in a new tab, and should work for public, and unlisted pages.


Publish Pages


When pages are created, they will go live instantly. If you do not want your page to go live, make sure to switch the "live" setting to off:


Unlist Pages


To unlist a published doc, go to the dropdown next to the save button and toggle Published? off.



There is no confirmation box when unlisting pages. Changes will take effect immediately.

Change Page URL

Click the dropdown next to the save button, then choose change page slug to edit the page URL. Don't forget to Save.


Page Options

Hover over any page to reveal three options:


Hover over any page to see these icons.

Add Subpage


The "+" icon will add subpage

Subpages are nested within the parent page where the "+" icon was clicked. To create a regular page, click the "+" icon next to the Category name.



The "+" icon is not available on subpages.

Clone Page


The duplicated page will be created directly below the original page.

If the duplicate page is saved with the same Page Title, ReadMe will add "-1" to the page URL.

Original Page URL: /docs/introduction
Duplicate Page URL: /docs/introduction-1

Delete Page


You must confirm that you want to delete the page, as it we cannot recover it if deleted.


Reorder Page


Drag a page to any other location, including other categories. Subpages will move with the page being dragged.



There is no confirmation box when reordering pages. Changes will take effect immediately.

Moving Categories Between Documentation and Reference

There is a button next to the category name that allows you to move categories between Documentation and Reference, as long as there are no API reference pages within the category.


Using the ReadMe Docs API

You can also manage your docs using our Docs API, which allows you to return, update, delete, create, and search documentation pages.


Sync'ing ReadMe docs via CLI or GitHub Action

ReadMe's official command-line interface (CLI) and GitHub Action, rdme, can help sync your Markdown docs and even your OpenAPI file. This is useful for CI, or customers who may keep their documents hosted in a repository. You can read more about rdme on the dedicated docs page.

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