Page Metadata

What is it?

The Update Metadata is a modal that you can use to specify the title, image, and description of the page. This feature is available to Pages, Custom Pages, and Changelogs.

You can update the page metadata using the Edit Metadata modal on Pages. By default, a title and description will be based on the page title and description. That can be overwritten, using the Update Metadata modal.


Update Metadata Modal

How to use

Here is how to access the Edit Metadata modal:

  1. Go to a page/custom page/changelog of your choosing.
  2. Click on the downward chevron next to the "Update Doc" button (on the top right).
  3. Click on Edit Metadata.
  4. Fill in the optional items and click on Save.

To access the modal, click on the chevron next to the save button, and click on Edit Metadata.



  • Setting the metadata title will also set the tag of the page.
  • Changing the "Posted Date" and "Author" of a post is only available to Changelogs.


Here are some examples of how they will look on Twitter, Slack, and LinkedIn


A Twitter Card


On Slack


On LinkedIn

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