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Reference Styling

The Reference Styling page in your dashboard (Appearance > Reference Styling) allows a couple ways to configure the layout of your Reference Section.

Row vs. Column Oriented Layout

An endpoint can either be structured as a row or as a column. Each option will display the same information, just in a slightly different layout.

Row-oriented layout

In the row-oriented layout, the code sample is front and center, with the parameters beneath it.

Column-oriented layout

For the column oriented layout the paremeters are on the left, with the code sample and responses on the right.

Split Reference Docs Into Multiple Pages

Navigate to Documentation > Appearance > Reference Styling

By default, all pages in the API Reference section are on one continuous page. This is great for APIs that don't have a ton of endpoints. However, for larger APIs this can cause performance problems and information overload. By selecting this option, each top-level reference doc will be rendered separately with it's children. This greatly decreases load times for large APIs and makes them easier to navigate. You can see this in action here:

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