Supported OpenAPI Features/FAQs

Our new API Reference Redesign adds improved support for OpenAPI features, in addition to performance increases and faster page rendering times.

Authentication schemes - basic/header/oauth2Yes
Bearer authenticationYes
Top level object $refsYes
Nested object $refsYes - with infinitely nested objects (there will probably be some limit, but should be enough to do whatever you need to)
Top level array $refsYes
Top level primitive valuesYes
allOf/anyOf/oneOf/notallOf, anyOf, and oneOf are supported, but not is not
Response schemas - top level object $refsYes
Response schemas - nested object $refsYes - with three nested objects
Response schemas - top level array $refsYes
Response schemas - top level primitive valuesYes
collectionFormat - specify array fromatYes
additionalPropertiesYes, preview it here and see the OAS file for reference.
Multiple authentication schemesYes
Multiple server urlsOnly in the API Reference Redesign

We're also rewriting this with OAS 3.0.0 support but gracefully converting older swagger file formats to be up to the latest version.

Known Issues

Apart from the missing features listed above, there are a few known issues with our Explorer. You can view them here:

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