Upgrade Plan

Find pricing information under Configuration > Upgrade Plan.

Pricing Plans

Based on your usage, we'll recommend a plan for you! You can view the full details on all of our plans at our pricing page.

For Startup and Business plans, your project can be upgraded with a credit card

Only the Project Owner (found under General Settings > Manage Team) can purchase a paid plan.

Free Plan

Our Free Plan only includes the Reference Section. If you just need to show documentation based on an OAS file, and don't need a custom domain or advanced customization, this plan is for you!

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise plans require a deeper conversation to price out according to your needs. Click Let's chat at our pricing page to contact our sales team.

Launch Project 🚀

When you're ready to show the world your beautiful new documentation, publish your project from the Project Dashboard.

We have achieved liftoff!

Open Source

We ❤️ open source! If you have an open source GitHub or Bitbucket repository and the entire project is open source (not just an SDK or library related to a closed source project) then you qualify for our open source plan!

To apply for an open source plan, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • A link to your project in ReadMe that you want to be on our open source plan.
  • A link to the open source repository for the project.
  • Details about your project. (We love hearing about cool things people are building!)

The open source plan includes all the features in the Startup plan ($99/mo) except:

  1. You don't get a custom domain (it will stay as website.readme.io).
  2. The docs must be public. (Site-wide Password is not a protection option.)

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