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Custom OAuth Login


Custom OAuth is an enterprise feature only, contact [email protected] if you are interested!

To allow your users to log in using custom authentication, it's possible to write custom OAuth code, with the final redirect using a JWT url to pass the user information to ReadMe. For more information about custom logins, see Log Your Users in with a Custom Login Flow

This can be done by running an OAuth bridge server from ReadMe or on your own infrastructure. Starter code can be viewed on GitHub. For most OAuth implementations, editing config.js will be sufficient to get the OAuth bridge working. Documentation on the format for sending data via JWT can be found here: User Data in ReadMe

For an example of setting up a simple OAuth server, view Setting up Github OAuth.

User Session Expiration

You can set the number of minutes before the user will be required to reauthenticate under advanced options in variable defaults.

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Custom OAuth Login

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