Remembering Login Method

Your users can choose the log in to your docs via a link in their email, or by signing up with an email and password. ReadMe will now remember their login preference when logging in!

🪶 Other Improvements

  • Owlbot AI: Owlbot now splits up embeddings into blocks—which means it does a better job handling pages with lots of content.
  • Accessibility: We’ve made accessibility improvements to our code snippets, Owlbot AI, and the sidebar.

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert)

  • Owlbot AI: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use the keyboard to navigate after focusing in Owlbot.
  • Owlbot AI: Fixed an issue where Owlbot was unable to process requests using more powerful GPT models, when needed for additional context.
  • Developer Dashboard: Fixed an issue where users could navigate to a broken page from an endpoint’s Recent Requests.
  • Developer Dashboard: Fixed an issue where API requests weren't reliably populating in the docs.
  • Suggested Edits: Fixed an issue where the page would crash when selecting text on a suggested edit.
  • Dashboard: Fixed an issue with settings not being saved.
  • Custom Pages: Fixed a potential security issue with custom pages.
  • Login Page: Fixed an issue where 1-click login emails would show a warning banner in Gmail.