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When editing a recipe, deleting a step does not update the other steps highlited lines

Is there a way to currently do this? Or do we just need to update it by hand? It becomes cumbersome if the recipe is on the longer side.

How you will handle sheamless login in Hive blockchain ??

How you will handle sheamless login in Hive blockchain ??

All supported markdown headers?

Is there a list of all supported readme-flavored markdown headers on one of your help pages? I know of title, slug, excerpt, category, order, and hidden. Thank you!

Support to override Servers on a specific path in readme?

<https://swagger.io/docs/specification/api-host-and-base-path/> see section "Overriding Servers" This doesn't seems to work in readme. However it is supported in Swagger. Is this somewhere planned?

Alert subscribers when something changes

Feature to alert subscribers when anything changes on the docs. Would be amazing! I think I didn't find any like that. Please let me know if already exists this feature. Att,

Custom Login Page stopped working

We have been using the Custom Login Page with the JWT token for years and we are suddenly getting a 500 error with "This page is password-protected." What could the problem be? <https://docs.readme.com/main/docs/custom-login-page#jwt-redirect>

How do I view a history of overall changes to our site?

I’m trying to determine when a page was deleted. I can see page history for individual pages, but I’m looking for history of pages created and deleted from our overall site. I’m not trying to recover the deleted page, I just want to check when it the page was deleted. We had a user report seeing two versions of page. However, I deleted one version of the page a day prior to the report by the user. I’m looking for a log to see what in fact did happen to discover our error. I'm looking to see site history showing me when pages were created, edited, deleted, etc.

Aligning images to the left

Seems the standard alignment is center. Does readme have a built-in way of aligning them to the left?

Custom Javascript for reusable content

We are trying to use the custom javascript for our site to hack in some reusable content blocks - theoretically creating a new element that we can add in html content blocks to add the same content to multiple pages. However, the elements don't appear to be added correctly - they don't extend within the pages. Here is the javascript we are trying to add in the Appearance "Custom Javascript" section - am I missing something to make this actually apply to the site script? \` customElements.define('beta-flag', betaFlag); // Re-useable content to beta-flag class betaFlag extends HTMLElement { connectedCallback() { this.innerHTML = ` <blockquote class="callout callout_warn" theme="🚧"><h3 class="callout-heading"><span class="callout-icon">🚧</span><p>Beta Feature</p></h3><p>This feature is available through the Beta program only and is not released for general availability. If you would like to request access to the Beta program, please contact your Account Manager.</p></blockquote>`; } } \`

SEO issues when using ReadMe: Controlling metadata for every single URL + /docs directing to the first doc

We keep getting hammered in SEO audits (and thus panelized by Google) on the fact that I as the content writer cannot control the meta-description for the "sections" in ReadMe (not single docs - sections like /discussions, /docs, etc.). So then either they all have the same metadata description (from the project-level setting), or have to be empty. Another built-in issue is that /docs will always show the content of the first doc, so those are two different URLs with the same content. ReadMe is used by most teams I assume to publish documentation online, so that it's easily accessible and searchable. I've reported this to your support team about 4 months ago in September and was told that this is just not supported, but I find it hard to accept that something so trivial and basic cannot be achieved with this product that I love using. Can you please advise how to solve this? 1. Editing meta description separately for /docs, /discussions /changelog, etc. 2. Making sure /docs does not show the same content as the first guide Thanks.