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Parameters in header using openapi format

Hey, I have a problem with parameters in header using format openapi. What I have to do in my schema to send all parameter in one header json format? Now, when I add a parameter type object, e.g.: {params: {option1: value1; option2: value2}} readme build a example of code like: X-params: object X-option1: value1 X-option2: value2 How I can change this to: X-params: {option1: value1; option2: value2}

How to search in readme discussions?

How to search?

Side-wide password - Pass password through url param

For a documentation protected by a site-wide password control, is there the ability to pass the password somehow in a url parameter in order the user signs in automatically ?

sitemap.xml bug!

I reported several months ago that the sitemap.xml format of the docs was wrong. Still hasn't been fixed. And now, instead of building the sitemap with our custom domain, you've added the readme.io domain! ``` <urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9" xmlns:news="http://www.google.com/schemas/sitemap-news/0.9" xmlns:xhtml="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:image="http://www.google.com/schemas/sitemap-image/1.1" xmlns:video="http://www.google.com/schemas/sitemap-video/1.1" data-tag-assistant-present=""> <url> <loc>https://anytrack.readme.io/</loc> <changefreq>daily</changefreq> <priority>0.3</priority> </url> <url> <loc>https://anytrack.readme.io/</loc> <changefreq>weekly</changefreq> <priority>0.3</priority> </url> <url> <loc>https://anytrack.readme.io/docs/what-is-anytrack</loc> <changefreq>daily</changefreq> <priority>0.3</priority> </url> <url> <loc>https://anytrack.readme.io/docs/for-whom</loc> <changefreq>daily</changefreq> <priority>0.3</priority> </url> <url> <loc>https://anytrack.readme.io/docs/why-anytrack</loc> <changefreq>daily</changefreq> <priority>0.3</priority> </url> <url> <loc>https://anytrack.readme.io/docs/getting-started</loc> <changefreq>daily</changefreq> <priority>0.3</priority> </url> ```

New submenu item

Can we add a second page like API Reference to the subHeader?

How we can get the List of all docs?

Hi Is there any api to get all the docs with pagination? Please suggest I tried to fetch all my docs by post api> doc search <https://docs.readme.com/main/reference/searchdocs>

Site Navigation with versions

We have 2 versions of our product, with correlating documentation. One of them has API Reference and the other does not. I want show API Reference in the Top Navigation bar on Version 1, but not on Version 2. How do I do that? When I remove the API Reference link on dash.readme.com/project/\<project_name>/v1.0/usability, it is also removed from dash.readme.com/project/\<project_name>/v2.0/usability. I would expect separate behavior, since the version number is in the URL.

Is there a way to define custom headers/parameters to be shared across all endpoints/paths in a given JSON?

I have a use case in hand where I have some custom headers that should be **shared across all the described endpoint paths** in a given JSON. Is it possible to define those header parameters **globally** for a particular API JSON?

any api call rate limit

any api call rate limit on the readme apis Lilke 500 request in a min. ?

Is there a way to add a read only user?

We would like some users to have read only access, but without knowing the password of the site. Is this possible?