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Will readme support grpc/proto documentation soon?

Wondering if API documentation will support protocol buffers for gRPC service documentation.

Email notifications for password protected sites

Is there a way to get email notifications upon changes for password protected sites? (RSS will not work)

How to show endpoint name as api title

I coded my endpoints with Name on c# and operationId set with "Example Name" on swagger.json [HttpGet("test/{test}", Name="Example Name")] But when i updated my documentation, still my endpoint shows with route test/{test} on the page.

Support pages directly from OpenAPI spec

Many APIs use `info.description` field to describe the API context (such as introduction and getting started), but currently according to the [OpenAPI Compatibility Chart](🔗) it currently does nothing. It will be very nice if pages could be created automatically using this field. Is there a way to do that without having to write those pages manually?

Production not show parameters and response which is available in staging

Hi, I have staging and production API document, later I changed URL of the API and publish to git hub, staging got synced with new URL and parameter and response, but production show only URL changes but parameter and response is not available now.

What is the best practice for using Changelog for releases?

There seems to be no way to categorize changes. Categories could include functional areas or types of changes. Tags would be another great way to include ways for people to search specific areas of interest.

Move body params to the top menu

Can we move `BODY PARAMS` to the top menu? [Detail](https://ibb.co/PrqhRz1)

How to use dynamic UUID in Readme?

Is there any feature to create a dynamic UUID for each request in API References? We can generate UUID in Postman using `{{$timestamp}}` ``` "object": { "id": "id-{{$timestamp}}", }, ```

Is there any way to scroll a table?

In the editor, tables scroll. But they don't in the live Web page. Can I change this?


How can I authenticate my username and password?