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Will readme support grpc/proto documentation soon?

Wondering if API documentation will support protocol buffers for gRPC service documentation.

Email notifications for password protected sites

Is there a way to get email notifications upon changes for password protected sites? (RSS will not work)

How to show endpoint name as api title

I coded my endpoints with Name on c# and operationId set with "Example Name" on swagger.json [HttpGet("test/{test}", Name="Example Name")] But when i updated my documentation, still my endpoint shows with route test/{test} on the page.

Production not show parameters and response which is available in staging

Hi, I have staging and production API document, later I changed URL of the API and publish to git hub, staging got synced with new URL and parameter and response, but production show only URL changes but parameter and response is not available now.

How to use dynamic UUID in Readme?

Is there any feature to create a dynamic UUID for each request in API References? We can generate UUID in Postman using `{{$timestamp}}` ``` "object": { "id": "id-{{$timestamp}}", }, ```


How can I authenticate my username and password?

Custom login: How should the logout feature be implemented?

We've implemented the custom login page (<https://docs.readme.com/docs/custom-login-page>) with JWT, everything works as expected, but the logout button shown in Readme.io does nothing. In the settings, we set the page users should be forwarded to, users are forwarded, but after opening Readme.io the session is still valid.

Nav item for Link URL not working?

I've tried editing both the right nav and left nav in Site Navigation, but my Link URL is only showing on the deprecated version page and not the main version page.

How can we render a multipart request correctly?

Today we have the following request: ```curl curl --request POST \ --url http://{host} \ --header 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' \ --form ' service={ "id": "svc12345", "sourceType": "my-alerting-solution", "sourceInstance": "my-company", "name": "my-service", "description": "The one and only service with 110% uptime", "data": { "number_of_incidents": "2", "monitoring_dashboard": "https://my-company.my-alerting-solution.com/my-service" } };type=application/json' --form '[email protected]<file>' ``` But when we see it on Readme it's rendered like this: ![](https://files.readme.io/50eb4c7-Screenshot_2022-10-14_at_12.22.50.png) Is there a way to render it like this and not as a form: ![](https://files.readme.io/0efe8e6-Screenshot_2022-10-14_at_12.25.19.png) Thanks

Refreshing/side nav is too laborious

Every time I edit something that affects the side nav, I have to refresh and when I do that I am returned to the top of the side nav and often have to spend some time hunting for where I left off in that nav. Sometimes, I get interrupted at that moment and totally lose my place and forget what I was doing so this is risky to my authoring process. Two things that would reduce the time and effort here: 1) Refresh the site whenever I save edits to a page that affects the side nav (a prompt to do that would be fine), and 2) Hold my place in that nav when refreshing.