Owlet Weekly Update (Week of April 4)

Hello and welcome to another Owlet Weekly Update, y'all! This week we're making some improvements to our JSON Schema handling, fixing a few bugs, and continuing work on some exciting projects. Details below! 🍌

✨ New & Improved

  • Per the OpenAPI v3.1 specification, including summary or description values alongside a $ref pointer should override those respective values of the referenced component. This release includes an update to our JSON Schema handling in the API Reference so we respect that override! 🎡
  • We’re in the process of rolling out our new Enterprise Authentication experience! This release includes more work on that front. Get the details on everything here! 🔑
  • This release includes even more improvements to our soon-to-be-released editor, which you can get a sneak peek of in our discussion forums! ✍️

🛠 Fixes & Updates

  • Fixed an issue where malformed operationId values would cause certain API reference endpoint pages to crash. 💥
  • Various styling fixes in the API Reference. 💅
  • Minor security fixes. 🔐

Hope you're staying safe and healthy! Thanks for being a part of the ReadMe community, folks.

—Kanad and the ReadMe team :owlbert:


What is the Owlet Weekly Update?

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of our Owlet Weekly Update—an owlet-sized update (posted every week to the ReadMe Changelog) on the product updates we're shipping here at ReadMe. We'd love to hear what you think of these updates at [email protected]!