Owlet Weekly Update (Week of July 4)

Hiya! We're continuing our editor rollout and addressing a bunch of bugs. More below! 💐

✨ New & Improved

  • The beta rollout of our new editor continues! I’m actually using it as we speak to write this and I can attest to it being the absolute bee's knees. If you want to get access (and sign up for any of our other upcoming betas 👀), fill out this form! ✍️

🛠 Fixes & Updates

  • Fixed an issue in the API Explorer where the “Try It!” feature would prevent users from making Basic Authentication requests that didn’t contain a username. With the fixes included in this release, you can freely make those username-less requests. 🔑
  • Fixed an issue where certain fancier page content pieces would render as [object] [Object] in search results. 🔍
  • Fixed some redirect issues for folks that were navigating from the dashboard to the hubs. 🧭
  • Various bug fixes related to Metrics. 📈
  • Fixed some quirks with project cloning. 🧬

Hope you're staying safe and healthy! Take care, folks.

—Kanad and the ReadMe team


What is the Owlet Weekly Update?

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of our Owlet Weekly Update—an owlet-sized update (posted every week to the ReadMe Changelog) on the product updates we're shipping here at ReadMe. We'd love to hear what you think of these updates at [email protected]!