Owlet Update (Post-API Mixtape Edition)

Hello folks! If you're one of our loyal readers, you've probably seen our lack of activity on this feed and assumed that we've stopped shipping product updates. While I see you and I hear you, I'm happy to report that your sentiments are totally wrong and that we have been in fact quite busy on several fronts, including product updates — so much so that our trusty Changelog fell through the cracks. Apologies for that! But we're back with lots of exciting updates, which I'll dive into below 📼

That's a Wrap on Mixtape, Vol. 3 ✅

Last month, we celebrated all things API-related at the third volume of ReadMe’s API Mixtape in San Francisco. It was an evening designed for all who write, manage, market, and sell APIs. Speakers from 1Password, Twilio, and more shared their perspectives, and famed illusionist, Brett Schneider, concluded the event with a magical presentation full of surprises 🪄

Even if you couldn't join us live, we recorded the entire event and you can watch all of the sessions — including the magic show — here!

Product Announcements You Won’t Want to Miss 🚀

We also took API Mixtape as an opportunity to unveil two new features and a brand new product that are live now, or coming very soon, to your ReadMe dashboard and hub 🎉

  • 📊 Developer Dashboard: Surface API keys and API request history data for your developers, and stay on top of your API's performance with the new My Developers page. You can learn more about the new experience here and watch the demo from API Mixtape below:
  • 🔓 ReadMe Micro: Introducing a new solution for engineering teams looking to better organize and maintain their internal or microservice APIs. Sync the repos where your internal or microservice APIs are stored, and ReadMe Micro will organize and auto-generate documentation for them! As a ReadMe customer, sign up to start using ReadMe Micro for free until August 1st here and check out the demo from API Mixtape below:
  • 🦉 Owlbot AI: Owlbot AI is a new chatbot that lives in your developer hub. Trained on your documentation using the power of OpenAI, developers can ask Owlbot questions about your product and get a response instantly. It’s your docs, made better and more powerful. Sign up for the waitlist so that you can be one of the first to enable Owlbot AI in your docs (we've already started rolling this out!) and watch a demo of Owlbot AI below:

That's "owl" for now, folks! As always, thanks for being a part of the ReadMe community.

—Kanad and the ReadMe team :owlbert:


What is the Owlet Update?

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of our Owlet Update—an owlet-sized update (posted to the ReadMe Changelog) on the product updates we're shipping here at ReadMe. We'd love to hear what you think of these updates at [email protected]!