Additional Level of Sidebar Nesting

You can now add an additional level of nesting in your Guides and API Reference section for more flexibility in how you structure your content.

🪶 Other Improvements

  • Reuseable Content: Add link to manage reuseable content from within the editor
  • API Reference: Improve how we handle null values in enums from the OAS file
  • Guides/API Reference: Improve consistency in navigation between the Guides and the Reference section
  • Guides/API Reference: Automatically redirect after slug is changed on nested pages
  • Darkmode: All plans now have access to chose between setting Dark/Light/Auto as the default theme

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert)

  • Owlbot AI: Fixed link colors in Owlbot not being high enough contrast on some projects
  • Owlbot AI: Fixed Owlbot date picker showing up in the dashboard even if project didn't have it enabled
  • Owlbot AI: Fixed Owlbot's tone to be more neutral by default
  • Owlbot AI: Fix Owlbot's wording when it uses the API Reference to write code
  • Routing: Fixed consistency navigating to and from 404 pages
  • Login/Signup: Fixed page titles for Login and Signup pages
  • SAML: Fixed issue with some SAML users unable to perform certain actions
  • Performance: Improved performance in Enterprise dashboard
  • Custom Javascript: Move some scripts to load from ReadMe's CDN instead of a third party