Bug Fixes and Improvements

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert)

  • Reusable Content: Fixed UI issue with blocks having long names
  • Reusable Content: Fixed issues concerning blocks with names starting with a number
  • Reusable Content: Fixed pagination issues for projects with a large number of content blocks
  • Variables: Improved support for longer variable names
  • SEO: Added a setting to use page SEO metadata as the title HTML tag
  • Translations: Improved search reliability for projects using many languages
  • API Reference: Improved setting and removing default values
  • Developer Dashboard: Added more explanatory tooltips and revised empty states
  • Suggested Edits: Prevented edge cases that allowed crawling for suggested edits routes
  • Guides: Include all nested pages when forking a version
  • Search: Fixed issues with losing focus on the search box in Windows when using the keyboard
  • Discussions: Improved spam prevention in discussion forums
  • Editor: Fixed unexpected behavior when inserting links
  • Guides: Fixed incorrect "What’s Next" link at the end of the guides section