Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Editor: Emoji search is improved by including aliases
  • Enterprise: Teammates should now be able to view non-public versions
  • Custom CSS/JS: Added rm-MobileFlyout-item, making it easier to customize mobile links

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert)

  • Search: Empty pages will no longer appear in search results
  • Redirects: Fixed an issue where redirects could sometimes lead to blank pages
  • Docs: Fixed an issue where login links weren’t appearing on some projects
  • Changelog: Fixed an issue where changelogs couldn't be saved in Safari
  • Changelog: Removed Reusable Content from Changlogs (it’s not working…yet!)
  • End User Management: Updated copy on the new user access settings for clarification
  • API Reference: Fixed an issue where boolean params could appear as empty strings in request code
  • API Reference: Fixed an issue where navigating to the My Requests page from the Authentication page could 404
  • API Reference: Temporarily removed the Share Request feature
  • Accessibility: Fixed an issue where the jump to button wasn’t jumping to the content on Guides pages