Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Billing: Added billing details UI, so you can see the total amount of your invoices, next payment, and more!
  • Favicons: We now convert SVG icons for broader browser support on upload
  • API Explorer: Parameter inputs are now hidden when custom code samples are defined in your OAS file
  • SDK: Generated SDK code is a little more personal

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert):

  • Recipes: Fixed an issue where users couldn’t remove emojis from a Recipe
  • Billing: Fixed an issue where trial project navigation wasn’t working
  • Billing: Fixed an issue where the next invoice would show the incorrect date
  • Billing: Fixed an issue where add-on UI would show costs to the 4th decimal
  • Developer Dashboard: Fixed an issue where the spend breakdown would show the incorrect amount
  • API Explorer: Fixed an issue where authentication was not persisting across projects with the same domain
  • Dashboard: Fixed an issue with SVG uploads not working
  • Navigation: Fixed an issue with custom links not properly navigating users
  • Integrations: Updated Google Analytics copy for clarity