Customize Changelog

We’ve added more options to customize your changelog—including date, author, and layout.

Owlbot AI Data Export

Customers using Owlbot can now export data. We’ve also added options filter and set custom date ranges to the admin dashboard.

🪶 Other Improvements

  • Owlbot AI: Now re-indexes more often (hourly).
  • SEO: Added an option to include/exclude projects from your robots.txt file.
  • SEO: Added an option to include keywords to pages.

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert)

  • Editor: Images with captions now have cursor: pointer set, like all other images.
  • Editor: Images in lists no longer prevent the page from saving.
  • Dark Mode: Fixed an issue with dark mode on glossary UI.
  • Navigation: Fixed the browser’s back function not taking you back on 404 pages.
  • Developer Dashboard: Fixed an issue where request body was not being displayed when sending formData.
  • Developer Dashboard: Fixed an issue where end-user API Keys weren’t appearing on Authentication pages.
  • Login: Added missing validation to login fields.
  • Suggested Edits: Fixed an issue where suggested edits would crash when typing [
  • Search: Custom pages appear in search results more reliably.