View All My Requests in API Reference

ReadMe added the ability for users to view all of their API calls directly in the reference section. We brought all of the filters and graphs from the My Developers page in the admin dashboard into the documentation. Users can user this to easily see how they are using an API and debug any issues they might have. Learn more about this and related features here:

🪶 Other Improvements

  • API Reference: API Keys in the reference section are now sorted by most recently used.

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert)

  • Owlbot AI: Continued fixing indexing issues including better handling of special characters and large OAS files.
  • Owlbot AI: Fixes issues with using keyboard shortcuts with Owlbot and improves a11y support.
  • My Requests: Fix link to view all requests from the endpoint page appearing even if the feature is disabled.
  • Auth: Fixed removing a teammate sometimes not correctly updating permissions for users already logged into the hub.