Owlbot Customization and SEO Improvements

We've added the ability to customize how Owlbot responds to questions it is asked. You can tweak the tone it uses, the length of responses, prevent it from using specific words in the response (such as competitors), and set your own default response when it doesn't know an answer.

SEO Improvements

Customers now have more control over specific SEO settings in their documentation. You can now edit metadata keywords for pages, disable robots.txt on a per project basis, and add a noindex tag to specific pages.

🪶 Other Improvements

  • GraphQL Beta: Adds instructions for providing auth via a custom webhook directly in the product
  • Developer Dashboard: Add a new slack group for users looking to get started and ask questions. Come say hi!

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert)

  • Recipes: Fix copy code button
  • Project Export: Fix export for versions with specific semver formats
  • Owlbot: Fix jumpiness when typing in the documentation
  • Owlbot: Fix issue saving logs of questions asked