Updated Emoji Support

ReadMe UI with emoji autocomplete

We’ve switched over to native system emoji set for a more consistent experience. Emojis in our editor and recipes were previously using a different set of characters (native unicode and Twemoji). And now we also support even more emoji (Emoji 14.0), and aliases to make it easier to find emoji when searching.


  • Owlbot AI: Now using GPT-4o; for faster responses
  • Admin Dashboard: Manage Plan page now shows upcoming plan changes
  • Search: Minor improvements to search network performance
  • PDF Export: Customers on the Business tier can now export PDFs

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert):

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where duplicate dividers were shown in the API Reference editor
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where duplicating synced endpoint pages would fail
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where menus weren’t accessible on active pages
  • API Reference: enums formatted as int32 now renders as a select element instead of text input
  • API Reference: Fixed a regression with menu sizes for the language selector
  • API Reference: Fixed an issue where optional parameter values were being set with the default handling option was enabled
  • Search: Fixed an issue where long titles in search were not completely visible
  • Changelog: Fixed an issue where variables weren’t being rendered in RSS feeds
  • Recipes: Fixed an issue where emojis weren’t being displayed
  • Enterprise: Fixed an issue where the global landing page would crash with Owlbot and private projects
  • Custom CSS: Fixed an issue where .rm-Header-bottom wasn’t applying to the correct element
  • Custom CSS: Added .rm-SearchModal-empty classes for easier customization of search UI