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SEO issues when using ReadMe: Controlling metadata for every single URL + /docs directing to the first doc

We keep getting hammered in SEO audits (and thus panelized by Google) on the fact that I as the content writer cannot control the meta-description for the "sections" in ReadMe (not single docs - sections like /discussions, /docs, etc.). So then either they all have the same metadata description (from the project-level setting), or have to be empty.

Another built-in issue is that /docs will always show the content of the first doc, so those are two different URLs with the same content.

ReadMe is used by most teams I assume to publish documentation online, so that it's easily accessible and searchable. I've reported this to your support team about 4 months ago in September and was told that this is just not supported, but I find it hard to accept that something so trivial and basic cannot be achieved with this product that I love using.

Can you please advise how to solve this?

  1. Editing meta description separately for /docs, /discussions /changelog, etc.
  2. Making sure /docs does not show the same content as the first guide


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