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Rendered code is not working well when using multipart/form-data


I face an issue when using multipart/form-data and object in body. Here is snapshot of current openapi 3.0

The problem is with initials and its content: alignment and y

In documentation generated code looks like this:

In shell generated, we can see

--form alignment=hello --form y=10

Whereas i would expect

--form initials[alignment]=hello --form initials[y]=10

When using application/json instead of multipart/form-data is works very well, so i'm assuming this is a generation code problem related to multipart/form-data.
Within the same endpoint i'm also upload a file so i need to keep multipart/form-data

You can see our public doc here: https://developers.yousign.com/reference/post-signature_requests-signaturerequestid-documents

Could you help me one this one, or tell me when this will be fixed ?