Maintaining Your Docs

🛠 Content Workflow

Anytime you create a page, it will be unlisted by default. Click on the Private/Public dropdown above your page's title and set it to Public when you are ready to publish the page. Any Project Admin has the ability to edit and publish pages. If an edit is made by mistake, no worries! Click on the three-dot menu next to the Public/Private dropdown and navigate to View History section to view the previous page history and revert the page back to a recent version.

Publishing Content

There are several options for publishing that might work best for your workflow:

  • Suggested Edits (this is what we recommend!)
  • A Staging environment (Enterprise only)
  • Using hidden documentation in the form of versions to draft and preview content (this is ideal for larger content migrations, restructuring, etc.)
  • Creating a separate project specifically as a sandbox

Redirect Scenarios

In cases where you want to preserve the URL for a page, perhaps for example, because it's one that customers reference frequently, but want it to direct to a different pages, redirect scenarios are very helpful to set up! Head to this page to learn more 🪄

Managing Versions

If you are maintaining multiple versions of your API or product, you might need multiple versions of your docs as well! In addition to using versions to stage major content changes, you can keep multiple versions of your docs published to give people access to the one they need.