In this section you can add CSS and Javascript to further customize the appearance of your docs site.

## Custom Stylesheet

You should limit your changes to minor tweaks. Additionally, stylesheets aren't versioned; all versions use the same stylesheet.

## Custom Javascript

Your Javascript will be included at the bottom of the page.

<details> <summary><b>Global Variables</b></summary>

ReadMe exposes certain global variables to help you customize the user experience of your hub:

  • **`RM_ReferenceSidebarScrollTopOffset`** Pixel offset for the scroll-to-active-item sidebar logic in continuous <<glossary:Reference>> sections.


## Custom Include Tags

**Header HTML**

Any html here will be included in the head tag, which is good for things like meta tags and loading external CSS or JS.

**Footer HTML** ​ This will go right before the `</body>` tag. Good for things like analytics and tracking.

## Toggling Custom Javascript and CSS

Add the `?disableCustomCss=true&disableCustomJs=true` query params to the end of any URL.