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PDF Generation

Posted by sean dokko about a month ago

We have released a beta for PDF generation for our enterprise clients! (See a sample here)


Improved Global Landing Page

Posted by sean dokko about a month ago

We've templatized the global landing page! You can build out or update your global landing page to use content from your docs! You can now refer to categories, pages, the selected language, and other data dynamically.


API Explorer v6: allOf Support, Better Errors, and More!

Posted by Marc Cuva 2 months ago

Today we released a new major version of our API Explorer! This release has been months in the making, and adds support for some highly requested features, fixes a ton of bugs and oddities, and more!


Cache Improvements

Posted by Gabriel Ratcliff 2 months ago

Last week, we migrated our application cache layer under Cloudflare's proxy umbrella! We already take advantage of their certificate management solution, so the next logical step was to move other pieces of our infrastructure into the same place.


Slack Integration

Posted by Kanad Gupta 5 months ago

You can now receive notifications for activity on your ReadMe project in your Slack workspace :tada::tada: this integration supports the following types of notifications off the bat:


Say hello to! 🎉

Posted by Dom Harrington 6 months ago

Earlier this year, we purchased the domain for our homepage. Starting today, the ReadMe dashboard is accessible at!


No Version in Changelog and Custom Pages API

Posted by Kanad Gupta 6 months ago

As part of the rollout of the Changelog and Custom Pages API, we had initially required a x-readme-version header. The Changelog and Custom Page objects are not versioned the same way that they are for standard Guide and API Reference pages and it created problems with existing data in the dashboard, so all versioning has been removed from these sets of endpoints.


Enterprise Identity Improvements

Posted by sean dokko 6 months ago

We're excited to announce a couple of new updates to the enterprise members' management section.


Updates to Audit Logs

Posted by sean dokko 6 months ago

We released an iteration to Audit Logs for our enterprise projects! Here are some of the new features we're excited about:


Prettier API Parameters

Posted by Rafe Goldberg 7 months ago

Hey there—just us, ReadMe, again! We've been hard at work polishing the way we display API parameters in our reference sections. The headliner here is an updated layout that's way more flexible, so your community has a great reading experience, even on smaller screens. (And so this doesn't happen anymore... )