Reusable Content

We’ve added Reusable Content! You can create blocks in the editor via the command menu /. You can reuse any combination of blocks you already have in the editor across guides and reference pages. Read more

🪶 Other Improvements

  • Developer Dashboard: Try It requests will populate with user emails if the user is logged in without any configuration required
  • Editor: Callout headings are now h2 tags for improved accessibility
  • Editor: Reordering pages are now faster and more reliable
  • SAML: Added an optional redirect URL on log out
  • Owlbot AI: Updated AI model for more detailed responses and larger prompts (via GPT-4 Turbo)

🐛 Bugs Eaten (by Owlbert)

  • Developer Dashboard: Fixed an issue where webhook URL couldn’t be removed
  • Developer Dashboard: Fixed an issue with deleting custom variables rendering incorrect variables key names
  • Editor: Updated outdated copy when adding your first first API
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where reordering pages updated the timestamps of all pages
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t save changes to pages after navigating from staging
  • SEO: Fixed meta info not appearing when sharing links to Twitter
  • Search: Fixed an issue where deleted endpoint pages weren’t being removed from search results
  • Search: Fixed an issue where reindexing would fail if a project contained orphaned pages
  • Enterprise: Fixed an issue with some projects not inheriting custom CSS from their parent
  • Enterprise: Fixed an issue where changing a user role would change roles for multiple users
  • API Reference: Fixed an issue where Try It requests were not working
  • Login: Fixed an issue where admin logins on password protected pages weren’t redirecting to the correct page