Owlet Update (September Edition)

Hello folks, welcome to our new monthly format for the Owlet Update! This edition covers our exciting product updates from the last 6 weeks or so, and going forward we’ll be publishing on a monthly cadence. Lots of exciting updates to share since we last wrote: lots of new features (of both the big and small variety) and a new partnership. Read on below, and stay tuned for the next edition soon! :owlbert-reading:

  • New ways to personalize your docs 🚀 Behind every API call is a unique developer, so why should every one of them have the same experience in your developer hub? That's why we rolled out Personalized Docs, a brand-new way to surface custom data (like API keys) for your users. If you navigate to your project dashboard, you'll find a brand new page to help you set up the Personalized Docs Webhook. Want to learn more? Check out the docs and the announcement on our blog!

A demo of the Personalized Docs dashboard

  • A new staging experience 🎭 By now you might be aware of Staging, an Enterprise environment that enables greater control around how your team previews and publishes changes. In the last month, we've rolled out a completely new Staging experience in the dashboard. Administrators now have far more flexibility and visibility around how changes are published. Check out our blog post and our docs to get the details.

A demo of the brand new staging experience

That's "owl" for now, folks! As always, thanks for being a part of the ReadMe community.

—Kanad and the ReadMe team


What is the Owlet Update?

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of our Owlet Update—an owlet-sized update (posted to the ReadMe Changelog) on the product updates we're shipping here at ReadMe. We'd love to hear what you think of these updates at [email protected]!