Two-Factor Authentication

We've made improvements to our two-factor authentication (2FA) implementation! Now, when you enable 2FA (or view your existing setup) in your profile settings, you have access to backup codes. Once you have 2FA enabled, these one-time use backup codes can be used to log you into ReadMe if you are unable to access 6-digit codes from your authenticator app.


Keep your backup codes safe!

Remember that these backup codes are one-time use - so if you just a few (or zero) remaining, you can generate new ones in the profile settings by clicking the View Backup Codes button. Generating new backup codes will invalidate your old ones!

If you cannot access your authenticator app and lost your backup codes, please contact us at [email protected].

Also, we're now on! :tada:

Check out our updated knowledge base for more guidance on two-factor authentication.