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API Endpoints for Changelog + Custom Pages

Posted by Kanad Gupta 5 months ago

We have rolled out API endpoints for Changelog and Custom Pages! Starting today, you can programmatic...


Page Metadata

Posted by sean dokko 6 months ago

Today, we are fulfilling a much-needed customer feature request: customizing page metadata with an ...


Two-Factor Authentication

Posted by Kanad Gupta 6 months ago

We've made improvements to our two-factor authentication (2FA) implementation! Now, when you enable 2FA (or view your existing setup) in your profile settings, ...


Support for OpenAPI 3.0 common path parameters

Posted by Jon Ursenbach 7 months ago

Today we've released some updates to our implementation of the OpenAPI 3.0 specification in our API Explorer to support common parameters for a path...


Upload API Spec File Directly in ReadMe

Posted by Marc Cuva 7 months ago

Previously to sync a file with ReadMe, you needed to enter a URL, use our CLI tool rdme, or use our API directly. We've just added a new option for uploading your...


Improved code highlighting support

Posted by Jon Ursenbach 7 months ago

Today we've released some improvements to our code highlighting support across pages and our API Explorer!


Quality of life improvements to our CLI tool

Posted by Jon Ursenbach 7 months ago

This past week we released v3.4 of our CLI tool rdme, and with it brought a heap of quality of life improvements.


Say Hello To Versions API and CLI Support!

Posted by Gabriel Ratcliff 8 months ago

We're proud to offer endpoints for programmatic version control! Now you can manage your project versions directly through our rdme command line interface, or RES...


Introducing a New Changelog!

Posted by Marc Cuva 9 months ago

Since we've been working hard on a lot of of new features, we wanted a way to announce all of the cool things we are building here at ReadMe. Since we already had Changelog functionality built into ou...