Owlet Weekly Update (Week of February 28)

Hello and welcome to another weekly update! We're making headway on some big projects and making some big improvements to our GitHub Actions support. Details below! 🐙


We've been rolling out a redesigned docs experience for some time now—check out this page for the details!

The legacy docs style is now deprecated and is not receiving any bug fixes. All changes below are only applicable to the new docs experience (unless otherwise noted). We'll communicate a sunset timeline to any remaining legacy customers soon.

✨ New & Improved

  • We’ve added first-class GitHub Actions support to our good friend rdme: ReadMe’s official CLI (and as of this week, GitHub Action)! You can sync OpenAPI definitions, you can perform pre-upload OpenAPI validation, and even sync directories of Markdown files—all within an automated GitHub workflow. As part of this, we’ve officially parted ways with our legacy GitHub Action. Check out our new docs page (which, I should add, is synced from the rdme GitHub repo using the rdme GitHub Action) to get the details! 🔄
  • As previously mentioned, we’ve been hard at work re-thinking how Enterprise admins distinguish between user roles and how to simplify the process of managing multiple projects at scale. We’ve made some major improvements and we’ve begun rolling this out to Enterprise projects! This release includes even more work on this front. 👥
  • This release includes even more improvements to our soon-to-be-released editor, which you can get a sneak peek of in our discussion forums! ✍️

🛠 Fixes & Updates

Hope you're staying safe and healthy! Thanks for being a part of the ReadMe community, folks.

—Kanad and the ReadMe team :owlbert:


What is the Owlet Weekly Update?

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of our Owlet Weekly Update—an owlet-sized update (posted every week to the ReadMe Changelog) on the product updates we're shipping here at ReadMe. We'd love to hear what you think of these updates at [email protected]!