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Edge Cases

Heading Styles

Compact Notation

Headers are denoted using a space-separated # prefix. While the space is technically required in most standard Markdown implementations, some processors allow for a compact notation as well. ReadMe supports this style, so writing this

###A Valid Heading

Lorem ipsum dolor etc.


Compact headings must be followed by two line breaks before the following block.

ATX-Style Notation

If you prefer, you can "wrap" headers with hashes rather than simply prefixing them:

## ATX Headings are Valid ##

Underline Notation

For top-level headings, the underline notation is valid:

Heading One

Heading Two

Incremented Anchors

Occasionally, a single doc might contain multiple headings with the same text, which can cause the generated anchor links to conflict. ReadMe's new markdown processor normalizes heading anchors by auto-incrementing similar heading's IDs. Try it out by clicking on this section header or the following sub-section title:

Incremented Heading Anchors

Incremented Heading Anchors