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Site Navigation with versions

We have 2 versions of our product, with correlating documentation. One of them has API Reference and the other does not. I want show API Reference in the Top Navigation bar on Version 1, but not on Version 2. How do I do that? When I remove the API Reference link on dash.readme.com/project/\<project_name>/v1.0/usability, it is also removed from dash.readme.com/project/\<project_name>/v2.0/usability. I would expect separate behavior, since the version number is in the URL.

any api call rate limit

any api call rate limit on the readme apis Lilke 500 request in a min. ?

Try It Out Not Working With Multiple Security Schemes

My OpenApi spec has multiple security schemes (see the example below). When viewing my API documentation, I can only see the first scheme. How do I select which one should be used in my ReadMe documentation? ``` securitySchemes: apigee_security: type: apiKey name: x-orgid in: header bearer: type: apiKey name: Authorization in: header ```

while uploading a json multipart file in API endpoint causing an exception , Failed to parse multipart servlet request

I have added a parameter as File in body params and content-type:[multipart/form-data], on click on Try it , it is giving me Failed to parse multipart servlet request ``` ``` ``` ```

Would be great to also draw graphs with a tool like mermaid

Sometimes its necessary to draw a graph in documentation, so it would be great if you could provide something like <https://mermaid.js.org/intro/>

Rendered code is not working well when using multipart/form-data

Hello I face an issue when using multipart/form-data and object in body. Here is snapshot of current openapi 3.0 ![](https://files.readme.io/f430275-image.png) The problem is with `initials` and its content: `alignment` and` y` In documentation generated code looks like this: ![](https://files.readme.io/9957dc7-image.png) In shell generated, we can see `--form alignment=hello --form y=10` Whereas i would expect `--form initials[alignment]=hello --form initials[y]=10` When using `application/json` instead of `multipart/form-data `is works very well, so i'm assuming this is a generation code problem related to `multipart/form-data`. Within the same endpoint i'm also upload a file so i need to keep `multipart/form-data` You can see our public doc here: <https://developers.yousign.com/reference/post-signature_requests-signaturerequestid-documents> Could you help me one this one, or tell me when this will be fixed ? Thanks

Looking for recommendations for automatic Python API (docstring) to readme.io markdown pages

We host our API documentation on readme (see here: <https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/reference>). While we use the OpenAPI integration for our REST API, we are also working on generating and hosting Python API documentation for our Python SDK. At the moment, I have been learning and tinkering with sphinx and pydoc-markdown for markdown generation. Neither seems to provide the output required for readme without modifications to their code or some custom add-ons. Does anyone have any recommendations on tools that can read Python docstrings to produce good API documentation hosted on readme?

Endpoint not found when testing the Personalized Docs Webhook

Hi, I am trying to set the Personalized Docs Webhook for my application. I added enpoint and served it with ngrok. I tested that endpoint through the Postman and it's giving me correct result. It's working. Here is the CURL: curl --location --request POST '<https://8407-85-114-46-238.eu.ngrok.io/webhook>' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-raw '{ "email": "test" }' But when I test it in the 3. step of Personalized Docs I am getting: Endpoint not found! Did you forget the path in your server URL (e.g., /webhook)? With Network response: 400 status code and json response {type: "not-found"} Can you provide me more information about why am I getting this response?

startup accont: How toexpose my project to a limited external people

Hi All, I have a startup account and would like to keep my project private. But, I want to share my project with 20 external users. What is the best option to achieve it? Thanks, Manish

Is there API Access availabe to the Discussions forum?

Eg. so we can get a list of current questions, and post responses to questions via the API? Thanks Ben