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Using the ReadMe Explorer for Private APIs

Hi, We are planning to use ReadMe for our API Documentation and API Explorer. Our API's are private in nature. IP Address is needed for someone to access the API as they are whitelisted in our Route53/Cloudflate. We have following questions 1. Does all the calls from the API Reference (API Explorer) go through the proxy server ( ? 2. Does the above scenario work where we can whitelist server IP on our end and only the ReadMe users can access the API Explorer? 3. What things does ReadMe takeup on preventing DDOS attacks etc?. Any Rate Limiting , maximum number of users who can access the Api explorer at the same time ? Would love to have references to documentation if this is covered already.

Custom design CSS to accomodate (full size window view) for desktops?

Hello! I was wondering if we had any control over how much space is utilised when the window is expanded full size while viewing docs on a deskitop or large monitor?

Link validation

Is there a link validation tool availble in Readme?

Hide email From Community Page?

Is there a way to hide the email of the person asking a question on the community page? We would like to manage our user's privacy. Would be great if we could! Thanks!

GitHub action timed out

Hello, we have our docs set up to sync automatically through a GitHub action. We are attempting to sync these docs to readme from a different repo. However, when we try to run the action, we now see this error: > Error: We're sorry, your upload request timed out. Please try again or split your file up into smaller chunks. > Error: Process completed with exit code 1. This timeout occurs in less time (9s) than our sync takes in the other repo (14s). Is this timeout occurring on your end? And if so, could you please shed some light on what might be causing this change in behavior?

Moving a section from Refrence to the Guides

I moved a section from the Reference to the Guides, it move the section header and the first document in the section, but I now cannot find the subtopics that were attached to the first topic. Where did they go?

Suggest edits not available for /refecence pages

Why is "Suggest edits" not visible for pages in the API Reference? There is often a lot of pages handwritten in this section. Please fix ! :)

What is the best way to import a subdirectory of images and other

In the rdme CLI, I'm trying to import the MD folder that has an /images subdirectory. Is there another tool that can import bulk image and downloadable code samples?

Is there a way to author in VS Code

Our team would like to continue authoring in Visual Studio Code and then let Jenkins pull the guide topics from our Git repository for staging/QA/GA. I did not see a way to add a CLI command to Jenkins or a plugin. What's the best way to do this? (Lots of details please, we're experienced MD'ers...not ReadmeMD.)

Improving Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

When inspecting my site on Google Search Console, I noticed a large number of errors. These errors stem from our docs: <> which we use Readme for. The errors are predominantely around 404s and LCP - <> The image below highlights the issues around LCP. Any idea how I can improve this? ![](