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Cohort a percentage of players with specified stat

Does the portal allow us to cohort users by a percentage and stat? This will allow A/B testing for a more specific group of users.

How can I link an image on a custom page

On a custom page, it's possible to add an image using the dashboard. However, I can't find a way to add a link to that image. As a sidenote; is it also possible to add a video?

Extend image upload tool to add a class

The image upload tool is great but seems weirdly limited. Adding extra fields for class name and alt text would vastly improve the experience of editing docs. We'd like to have more editorial control over images and be able to decide if they should be full width or not. Being able to easily add a class to an image along with custom CSS would provide a lot more flexibility to control the layout of different images.

Filtering "Contacts - Custom Fields Values"

Hi everyone! I'm trying to use API of Active Campaign to get all the "Contacts - Custom Fields Values" but regarding that, the only way to filter for now is by "fieldedid" or "value" of the custom fields, it's impossible for me to do it. Do you know whether there is a way like in"Contacts" to filter by creation or update date? Kind Regards, Daniel

Testing XML endpoints using API Explorer

Live testing of API endpoints using the API Explorer(API Reference Page) basically supports RESTful endpoints, is there a way to test XML endpoints? Thanks

allOf inheritance

Hi, it seems like when returning an array, and the associated schema is inherited with `allOf` the object is not properly displayed when you click on the "Response" to see how it looks. Strangely, it works with non array. example below: responses: 200: description: OK - List of advertiser objects content: application/json: schema: type: array items: $ref: '#/components/schemas/advertiser' advertiser: allOf: # Combines the basicAdvertiser and the advertiser model - $ref: '#/components/schemas/basicAdvertiser' - type: object

readOnly properties

Hi, i see that readOnly properties are part of OpenAPI 3.0.3, that you support, but when I use your site they are not handled correctly. Intended behaviour of a readOnly property: 1) not being display in body params 2) being displayed in the response body and in the example same property in behaves correctly is there any plan to fix it ? thanks in advance

Upload multiple images at once

Is there was a way to upload all of the images I need for my team's guides into ReadMe at once? In previous Markdown-based doc repos, I've seen things like an "attachments" folder, where you can upload all of the things you want to link to in your docs - is there any feature like that in ReadMe? I've also seen the suggestion in [this post]( that we can host our images on a separate site like Imgur, but it would be much more convenient for my team if we were able to keep all of our images on ReadMe. Thanks in advance!

oneOf rendered as pulldown in API Reference, but Selection Doesn't Update Displayed Schema

In my OAS 3.0 spec, I have a number of oneOf's specified. They render in as pulldowns, with the first object defined in the oneOf block selected, and its schema displayed. When a different selection is made in the pulldown, I would expect that the pulldown updates its value, and the schema for the previous selection is replaced by the schema for the new selection. However, this is not occurring. What is the expected behavior when a new selection is made in a pulldown? If the pulldown is supposed to update and the schema for the new selection is supposed to replace the old selection's schema in the display, is there an example spec I can review to see what I may be missing in my spec? Thanks!

Slack Integration

Slack integration works for suggested edits but will not send notifications for Discussion questions. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

What kind of validation is run on spec upload?

I'm getting this validation error: ``` The spec you uploaded has validation errors that must be addressed. Here's what we found: Validation failed. /paths/authentication-settings/saml-metadata-upload/put has a file parameter, so it must consume multipart/form-data or application/x-www-form-urlencoded ``` I tried validating my spec against the json schema for swagger 2 from here : and it validated successfully. So my question is what extra validation does does on swagger spec?

Swagger schema validation failed

trying to import a URL and got this error: ``` Swagger schema validation failed. Data does not match any schemas from 'anyOf' at #/definitions/ResponseListWebhookAction/properties/data/items Array items are not unique (indexes 0 and 22) at #/definitions/ResponseListWebhookAction/properties/data/items/enum Expected type array but found type object at #/definitions/ResponseListWebhookAction/properties/data/items JSON_OBJECT_VALIDATION_FAILED ``` File URL is

POST requests add base64 on multipart/form-data when file is referenced in the payload

Recently users have been complaining that some of the examples from the documentation are not working. Previously when a file was attached to the payload (multipart/form-data), it was attached the following way: curl -X POST "" -H "accept: application/json" -F "[email protected]_not_go.wav;type=audio/x-wav" Since latest updates, it attaches it the following way: curl --request POST \ --url \ --header 'Accept: application/json' \ --header 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=---011000010111000001101001' \ --form MediaType=Audio \ --form 'file=data:audio/x-wav;name=do_not_go.wav;base64 <ENTIRE BASE 64 OF THE FILE> The difference is in the file form: Previous: --form "[email protected]_not_go.wav;type=audio/x-wav" Right now: --form "file=data:audio/x-wav;name=do_not_go.wav;base64 <ENTIRE BASE 64 OF THE FILE>" Notice how it attaches base64 on the entire file which triggers errors on the server side since no base64 payload is expected, rather path to the file. Is there any way to enable back previous behavior?

Enable site login

I wonder is it possible to enable some sort of authentication to the site that is generated by readme? I would like to hide the api information from public user and only show it to some internall group.

Quick way to create bookmarks / anchors?

In a page of the Guides section, if I want to create a navigational link that jumps to a bookmark or anchor in the same page, is there any quick way to do this other than writing one or more HTML blocks? For example, if I add an HTML block I can use a href="#bookmark" target="_self" and then later on in the page I can have another HTML block with a name="bookmark". This seems to work ok, it but it seems like a lot of extra work and in the rendered page, the styling of the HTML text doesn't match the default styling of other text on the page created using markdown. I've checked a markdown syntax guide, but I don't see anything about anchors/bookmarks. Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions. :)

Support for Discriminator

Hi there, so we're working hard to port our API spec (currently in redoc) to ReadMe (to make use of the new API reference section). However, I can't find any information on whether or not you allow the discriminator in the request body? We have a situation that depending on a given parameter selected, the user needs to send different fields. In redocly they have a cool drop-down menu that you select and then the required fields are displayed depending on what you have selected. Is there something similar in ReadMe? Cheers, Dom

One POST route but multiple object parameter options

We have an API that can take different JSON params depending on the stage/step of the current process: input 1 { "id": "aa66454", "stepNumber": 1, "customParams": { "UUID": "string==", "SN": "string1234", "policy": "P1234" } } input 2 { "id": "aa66454", "stepNumber": 1, "customParams": { "challenge": "ABCD1234", "sessionID": "abcd" } } These are two different parameters but it's the same POST route. We have not figured out a way to make this work.

Import GitHub readme file to Readme

Hi Community, As the title suggests I am trying to import my github readme file to ReadMe without manually doing the work, also can they be synced? so if I make any changes in Git can they be reflected in ReadMe ?

Looking for an easy way to insert an image into a list (ol or ul) without breaking the list in html

I am using a numbered list for describing a step by step procedure, and I need to include an image, for example in step 2, like this: 1. Step 1 2. Step 2 image in step 2 3. Step 3 How can I do this in the "Guide" part of Readme?. The GUI seems to allows to include images either before or after a list. Thank you.

How to pass Authorization key from JWT to header in manual API setup

While I can pass the variable in the documentation by using <<variableName>>. I'm having issues implementing this in the header parameter, for API setup