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Multiple cosmetic issues with embedded video display

Hi, we're having troubles with embedded video in <https://docs.cast.ai/docs> Our welcome page has a video, and we're noticing few issues. iPhone/Chrome: video is missing a preview picture, mostly rendering a dark screen with play button. Macbook/Safari/4k screen: preview is rendered as mostly black screen with small thumbnail in it. Macbook/Chrome there's a weird autoplay behavior, to reproduce: 1. open docs.cast.ai 2. navigate away, e.g. click on "About the read only agent" 3. Click on "Getting started" again 4. Video starts playing automatically

SDK Mobile Documentation

I can't find a document about sdk mobile documentation. How can I import sdk documentation from Github? Is it possible?

Multiple Gudies

I see on this site that there are multiple Guides in the menu navigation (Product Guides and Enterprise Guides) Can someone advise me if/how I can do that on our own site, or does it need a higher plan (We're currently on the startup plan)

Error Submitting form

When I update a Guide page, I get a message that says error submitting form. This happens after entering text and clicking the Save to Staging button. The page that I am working on is quite large with many tables. Do you have any ideas why I am getting this error and what I can do?

How to make linebreaks in markdown table cell using raw markdown (not block code)?

Hello, I am syncing .md files to ReadMe for my company's documentation. I am trying to create a markdown table in which the table cell's have line breaks. I have used tags in my markdown code, which works in normal markdown, but doesn't seem to work when I import it into ReadMe. The only way I can seem to get line breaks to work in ReadMe is to use the ReadMe table block. Do I need to change my .md to include that block format or is there another way?

Search not working (but i have a suspicion)

Hey there! Happy new customer here! I am currently setting up our developer portal. So everything is set to "Admin only"-visibility. If i try to use the search; nothing shows up. Will this work once i have everything public? or is there an underlying issue? Greetings!

API Reference - Keep Markdown order between syncs

Hi Team, We make use of OpenAPI References with upload passing the operationId on every upload. The issue we're having is that on some OpenAPI Spec, we also add custom Markdown from the readme dashboard. The Markdown files themselves are being kept but the order is not kept. Is there a way to configure the upload to keep current file orders including Markdown files ? Thank you

Hide Updated over xx ago

Hi there! Is there a way to hide this page update history? Say you have a page that's not frequently updated and it says 'Updated over 1 year ago' is not really that useful outside of actual documentation or specs.

Is it possible to send a weekly email digest to users who are on the Discussions board?

This would be a really useful feature for us to be able to grow engagement.

Create a Form in readme

Hi, I was trying to create a Form where I ask the users to input some fields but I realized I can't do it with Custom Page because it removes form tags. Is there any other way that I can create a form in my site?