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How do we change our name from `null` in discussions when logged in?

I understand we can edit our profile via the readme.com dashboard but this does not change the name in when posting in discussions (currently null). Anyone know how to set our default name for all README discussions? Thank you in advance!

Boolean enums always set to `true`

In writing OpenAPI files, when I want to enforce a fixed value for some key, I use an enum with a single item, as such: ``` ExampleSchema01: type: object properties: FixedValueProperty: type: string enum: - "This is the only possible value for FixedValueProperty." ``` However, when I try doing the same for boolean values, the Readme API reference section always renders it as `true`, even if the enum specifies `false` as the only possible value. For example: ``` ExampleSchema02: type: object properties: FixedBooleanTrue: type: boolean enum: - true FixedBooleanFalse: type: boolean enum: - false ``` Readme's API reference section will render both `FixedBooleanTrue` and `FixedBooleanFalse` as enums with `true` and the only possible value. Why is that? How can I fix this? Is there a workaround?

Try now button

I have imported a OAS file which automatically enabled Try Now button for all endpoints. I understood that I can can turn it off by setting the OpenAPI extension x-explorer-enabled to false. But, with the design our documentation page will be visible to everyone, regardless logged in or not. So I am curious how to handle the case when users not signed in yet my platform so no api key can be retrieved.

Changing badges in API reference

Hi there, I'm happy that support for webhooks has been added to the API reference. However, it seems like the 'badges' (not sure if this is the right name) for the pages in the left nav don't reflect the page type: ![](https://files.readme.io/dfc0f9f-image.png) As you can see, you get a **WBHK** badge on the actual page, but a **POST** badge in the left nav. Could this be updated? It's possible it's a mistake on our end, but rendering a preview server using redocly shows the correct badges, so this doesn't seem likely. Thanks! Tom

Link color in dark mode

Currently, I can change the link color in the "Appearance" settings. But it only affects the link colors in light mode. I don't see a way to change the link color in the dark mode.

Is there a workaround for supporting "anyOf" in readme?

I am working to port over our docs and we use anyOf for an object type. Does readme support that structure? if not is there a workaround? Also I am noticing that nested references within components/schemas are not rendering correctly. eg: ``` Components: Schemas: schema1: title: "a" schema2: title: "b" variable1: ref: "#/components/schemas/schema1" schema2: title: "c" variable2: ref: "#/components/schemas/schema2" ``` Based on the above example, the API Reference does not render the details of nested schema from references, I,e schem2.variable1 is listed as an empty field and does not fully render the details of schema1 Is this expected behavior? Is there a way to help with this nesting issue? Our documentation has a lot of this type of nesting.

How to provide the OpenAPI specification to the customers?

Hi, we want to share the OpenAPI specification publicly with our customers. We see that there is a public link for it("view oas"), but this link is not permanent across API versions. Could you please advise us on how to achieve what we want? The feature is much needed because some developers still prefer to import the file in Postman.

Customing Tags in OAS

Pages are created when we specify `tags` in our OAS, but I wanted to add more information on this page, ideally a markdown. Is there a way for us to do this via CLI?

Expanding search limitations

Are there any plans to expand the search limitations on Algolia searches? I want to use collapsible sections in my guides, but can't because of the way the search ignores content wrapped in raw HTML. I know you can assign keywords for SEO metadata, but do those keywords also come up in search results within my product guides? I'd love to not have to choose between lots of scrolling and ensuring searches return the expected results.

Support for inline code highlight?

Would there be support for inline code highlight, such as <https://facelessuser.github.io/pymdown-extensions/extensions/inlinehilite/>