Page Quality

Track customer votes and comments

Enable Page Voting from Doc Metrics > Page Quality to prompt your users at the bottom of every page:

After voting, users can comment on their feedback to give you a much richer understanding of why they found the page to be helpful or unhelpful.


Page Quality


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There are four sections in Page Quality:

Top Bar

The top bar gives you an average rating across all of your pages. It is a cumulative score of all upvotes/downvotes for the last 30 days (by default) or last 7 days.


Upvotes in blue, downvotes in grey



Average Score

The average score graph charts the usefulness of your docs over the last six months, in one month increments


See if your docs are getting more or less useful over time

Page Breakdown

Discover your best performing, worst performing and most stale (i.e. outdated) pages here.


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Click any page link to view the pie chart for that page, along with the details of each individual vote


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Latest Comments

A stream of the latest comments on your docs including the email address (or ip address), date, and page URL.


Email will display if the user was signed in when they voted, or their IP address if they were not

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