Limiting API Results

The ReadMe API uses pagination on those endpoints that return lists. The following endpoints return paginated lists:

Requests that return multiple items will be paginated to 10 items by default. If you want to return multiple pages, you can use the page query parameter. You can also set a custom page size up to 100 with the perPage query parameter.

Like the GitHub API, the Link header also includes pagination information:

Link: </api/v1/changelogs?perPage=10&page=3>; rel="next",
  </api/v1/changelogs?perPage=10&page=1>; rel="prev",
  </api/v1/changelogs?perPage=10&page=8>; rel="last"

The above example includes line breaks for readability.

The possible rel values are:

nextThe link relation for the immediate next page of results.
prevThe link relation for the immediate previous page of results.
lastThe link relation for the very last page of results.

Additionally, the x-total-count header provides the total number of items, ignoring pagination. See below for an example:

x-total-count: 84