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Simple Custom Auth

Our API use JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Users have to authenticate with an endpoint, which provides them with a token, and then they must submit that token as a header param with each request. When using our online API docs, we'd like for users to be required to provide their API key, but we want the session/token steps to be handled, in the background, automatically.. because asking them to copy+paste across 3 or 4 steps seems to be unreasonably cumbersome. We _think_ (but are not certain) that we know how to pull this off in the system, using JavaScript, and we started down that road. The free trial account allows us access to a "Custom JavaScript" but a little warning states that the $59/mo package that we're looking to subscribe to does not allow custom JS, and we'll need to upgrade to the $199/mo business plan in order to use it. We think that our need is fundamental and are not willing to invest in the upgrade considering that this problem, as far as we know (so far), is the only thing we need from the higher package. However, we love the system and thought it would be such a shame if we had to walk away from it, so we want to rule out that possibility that we're just not understanding the appropriate way to accomplish our goals. If someone could please let me know if it is possible to implement a bit of custom logic, preferably via JavaScript, that could help us in our case, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,

Posted by Luke Chavers 3 years ago