Owlet Weekly Update (Week of January 4)

New Year, New Owlet Weekly Update! This week's update is on the shorter side because we spent the holidays in one of several categories: 1) sleeping and/or watching the Paddington movies, 2) implementing a lot of behind-the-scenes code improvements on our 2020 resolutions list that we've been putting off, or 3) discovering steam from a hot shower destroyed everything in an apartment. Nevertheless, we did ship some exciting updates to the API Metrics Dashboard and made some improvements to our "toasts" to ring in the New Year 🥂 details below!


Owlet Weekly Update (Week of December 14)

Hello and welcome to another weekly update! To wrap up this chaotic year, we bring you Slack integration improvements and some extra coats of polish throughout the product. Oh, and good tidings, I suppose? Details below! 🎄


Owlet Weekly Update (Week of December 7)

Thanks for tuning into another Owlet Weekly Update! This week we're improving dashboard loading times 🚀, shipping zero-config(!) API Metrics 🌱, paying homage to a (scarily relevant) synth-pop music video from the mid-2000s 🎹, and so much more. Let's dive in!


Owlet Weekly Update (Week of November 30)

Hello and happy Tuesday Thursday—hope you had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday! To offset the absolutely devastating amount of pumpkin pie I consumed last week, we’ve reduced the size of our site bundles, along with a bunch of other good stuff(ing?). Details below! 🥧


No Update This Week! (Week of November 23rd)

Hey folks! We have a shortened week here at ReadMe due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so there isn't a release this week for me to make obscure pop culture references about. Fortunately, we do have a Thanksgiving-themed picture of Owlbert to share! Is he dressed as a turkey or a brown peacock? Most likely the former—but you decide!


Owlet Weekly Update (Week of November 16)

Another week, another set of release notes dedicated to LeBron James! This week we come to you with search improvements, design tweaks, and response examples for days.


Owlet Weekly Update (Week of November 9)

Happy Tuesday, and welcome back to another Owlet Weekly Update! We’ve got some big news this week in the form of a hot new feature. Don't worry, it’s definitely the most important thing that’s happened in the last seven days. Read on to learn all about it, as well as a few other things we’ve been up to!


Owlet Weekly Update (Week of November 2)

Hello and happy November, folks! Last week we had a whirlwind of a fall offsite. It couldn't have gotten off to a better start, with a livestream of our Owlbert artist Paul Cox drawing a Halloween Owlbert and an I Voted Owlbert. Read on for what else we did in this release, as well as a reminder for something you have hopefully already done today to start this week off just as well as the last! :owlbert-thinking::owlbert-thinking:


Owlet Weekly Update (Week of October 26)

Happy Tuesday Thursday folks! Apologies for the delay on this week’s release—we’ve been spending the week huddled on Zoom for our fall offsite (check out Greg’s Twitter recap of our summer offsite here)! Fortunately, we’ve still been busy—this release includes some great design and performance updates as well as even more refreshed code samples. Details below! :owlbert-reading::owlbert-reading:


Owlet Weekly Update (Week of October 19)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Owlet Weekly Update! Major thanks to our sponsor this week—teenagers! In honor of the teens, we finally get with the times and add node-fetch support to our API Explorer. Read on for this and all of the other #hip features and improvements that were shipped in this release! 🛹