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Custom Pages are great when you want to retain the top navigation of your ReadMe project, but also want a custom look below the search bar.

# What's different?

  1. No left sidebar navigation

  2. No table of contents on the right, even when headers are used

  3. Different URL path (subfolder is /page instead of /docs)

  4. No Suggested Edits

  5. No page voting

  6. No "updated x days ago"

Custom Pages are not affected by versioning and are shared. If you delete a Custom Page it will be removed from everywhere.

# What's the same?

With a [dropdown subheader layout](🔗), the Page Title appears in the breadcrumb navigation.



The Custom Page Title occupies the space of a Section in the breadcrumb navigation but it does **not** create a permanent Section in the drop-down menu.

## Modes

Custom Pages have two modes:

  1. **Markdown:** The standard mode used in Documentation section

  1. **HTML:** The code is [sanitized](🔗). If you want to include CSS or JavaScript, do so in Appearance > Custom Javascript/Stylesheet.