The beauty of building your developer hub in ReadMe is that you get to customize what it looks like!

This is a screenshot of [a former design] of the first page of ReadMe's hub:

Here's the same page, overlaid with some descriptions of how each of these buttons and links in the page navigation correspond to customizable sections in your project dashboard's **Site Navigation** [section](🔗):

## Customizing the Top Nav of Your Hub

In this GIF you can see how each of the customizable sections in your project's **Site Navigation** section correspond to the layout and titles in your hub ⬇️

## Organizing Your Project's Sidebar

You can order and organize the pages in your sidebar by dragging and dropping the pages in the **Guides** and **API Reference** sections of your project. You can also re-order pages [via API](🔗) .

## Searching Your Docs

Head to [Search + Search API](🔗) to learn more about the Seach bar functionality powered by Algolia that allows users to search for keywords and phrases across all of your project(s).