**Project Dashboard > Configuration > Manage Team**

## Roles

There are two team roles:

  • Project Owner

  • Admin

There can only be **one** Project Owner, everyone else on the team is an Admin. The number of Admins allowed on a team depends on the project plan:

PlanNumber of Admin Users
Enterprise[Contact us!](🔗)

## Privileges

Project Owners and Admins share the same privileges except for:

  1. Billing

  2. Project Management

  3. Team Management

Column Title
Project OwnerProject Admins

View invoice/receipt settings**X****X**
Upgrade plan**X**
**Project Management**

Import data**X****X**
Export data**X****X**
Change subdomain**X****X**
Clone Project**X**
Delete project**X**
**Team Management**

Invite Admins**X****X**
Remove Admins**X****X**
Remove self
Transfer project ownership**X**
Delete pending invites**X**

Enterprise Exception

Project Owners of ReadMe projects under an Enterprise Group cannot invite or remove Admins **unless** they are an Admin of the Enterprise Group.