# Protection Types for Your Pages

Controlling who can view your documentation is a core function for all projects. Documentation can be set to fully public and viewable by anyone, **or** gated behind a specific protection type.

The chosen protection type is applied across the project. In other words, if an end user can view your Guides, they'll also be able to view your API Reference.

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To control who can view your project, go to your Project Dashboard > Configuration > Internal Documentation.

To control who can view your project, go to your **Project Dashboard > Configuration > Internal Documentation**.

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The protection types are:

  • **Public Docs**: Docs can be viewed by anyone.

  • **Project Members Only**: Docs can be viewed only by Team Members added to your Project and logged into their ReadMe accounts.

  • **Site-wide Password**: Docs can be viewed by anyone with the project's password. <<glossary:End Users>> will have a cookie set that expires after seven days.

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_Site-wide Password_

Site-wide Password prompt

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# Protection types across project plans

All paid plans can be set to one of the internal documentation protection types mentioned above. Other plans have some differences:

  • **Enterprise** projects have the ability to [set more powerful user access controls](🔗).

  • **Trial** projects are always set to Project Members Only.

  • [**Open Source** projects](🔗) are always set to Public.

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