Once you have an API reference section set up with ReadMe, your API will likely start receiving requests from ReadMe's servers. This may be happening because:

  • Your users are making API requests within your reference section (i.e., "Try It!") and by default, all API requests are proxied through ReadMe 🔀

    • To learn more about our CORS proxy and how you can configure it, check out our [OpenAPI Extensions page](🔗).

  • You're consuming a ReadMe webhook (e.g., pre-populating your users' API keys and other info in their API reference via [the Personalized Docs Webhook](🔗)) 🪝

For folks that lock down their systems to a limited set of IP addresses, ReadMe's servers has a list of fixed outbound IP addresses that you can add to your allow list. You can retrieve this list of IP addresses from [this endpoint](🔗).

Although ReadMe’s outbound IP addresses may change, the IPs in the API response will be valid for at least 7 days. If you configure your API or webhooks to limit access based on these IPs, you should refresh the IP list from this endpoint weekly.