Admins will be notified via email (or [Slack](🔗), if configured) that a new support forum question has been received.

Questions from the community show up in the forum:


Community members can upvote questions that they also have. Other community members and Admins can answer a question by clicking on the question and responding at the bottom of the page.


If you're signed in as an Admin, you can also mark questions as **Answered**.


Questions marked as Answered will appear on the main forum page with an Answered badge.


# Notifications

The Project Admins will get an email notification on any new posts. You will only start getting notifications to replies if you as an admin reply to a post, otherwise only regular users that respond to a specific post will continue to get notifications after the initial post.

If you've [configured Slack notifications](🔗), you will only receive Slack notifications for new posts, but not subsequent replies.