In the theme editor tab you can add your logo and choose between a basic white header theme or a custom colored header with various styles.

# Color Logo

This is where you upload your logo, which is used at the top left-hand corner of your project. For best quality, we recommend uploading an image that follows these guidelines:

  • **Dimensions:** 24px height, any preferred width that works best with your logo

  • **Whitespace:** No padding or spacing around your logo

  • **Transparency:** Any remaining whitespace in your logo should be transparent

  • **Format:** SVG if possible, otherwise PNG

    • For PNG files, double the dimensions recommended above

    • If possible, avoid using JPG/JPEG.

    • GIF images are not accepted

## Logo Sizing

If the height of your logo needs to be adjusted, use this [CSS Variable](🔗) to do so:

# White Logo

The white logo is used for backgrounds in the dark theme.

# Favicon

The third option you have is to upload a favicon.

# Basic Header

With the basic header, you can change the color of the header's bottom border and the color of the link in your landing page.

# Custom Header

You have the option of customizing the header more in this section, such as changing the background color or using a custom image.

**Header Style**

With the custom header, you can select from four types of styles including a custom image as well as the background color.


Your normal logo might not look as good in a colored header, so you can use your white logo and enable it here.


Here you'll be able to change the color of the links in the landing page.