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Language Support/Localization


ReadMe is proud to provide integrations with three localization services, Localize, Transifex, and Smartling. Integration is simple, and gives you access to many translation tools, including:

  • Automatically detect changes to phrases in your docs project.
  • Let your teams collaborate on translation and publication of those phrases.
  • In-context editors.
  • The ability to select what parts of a page to translate at the string level.
  • Automatically provide a language picker for your users.
  • Machine translation with human oversight, or easy outsourcing to human translators.
  • Auto-translation of saved phrases.


Integration with Transifex & Smartling is an Enterprise Feature

Contact [email protected] if you are interested!

Note that if you do not want to pay for a third-party localization service, you could create a bare-bones translation with the following steps:

  • Clone your documentation project into a new project.
  • Manually replace the existing content in the new project with translated content in the ReadMe online editor.
  • Set up site navigation in your project under Appearance > Site Navigation for users to switch between your doc projects.

This approach is best for very small projects, and entails very high content management overhead.

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