Intro to ReadMe Enterprise

Welcome to ReadMe's Enterprise hub where you can find step-by-step tutorials and guides to help you navigate your Enterprise Group! If you have any questions that you can find in this section, head over to our Product Guides where you can find detailed information on all of ReadMe's features, as well as anything related to your project-level dashboards and hubs.

🌎 Enterprise Overview

This is a great first stop if you're just getting started with your ReadMe Enterprise plan. In this section you can find a full breakdown of our Enterprise-only features, in addition to all of the features that are offered on any of ReadMe's plans. We've also got a handy FAQ page, as well as pages to learn more about our security protocol and how to request a demo if you're not yet an Enterprise customer but curious about making the switch!

👥 Enterprise Group Management

If you're an Enterprise Group Owner or Enterprise Group Admin, this section is a great place to learn more about setting up or making changes to Group-level features, such as your Enterprise dashboard and account settings, design settings—under the Appearance section of your Enterprise Group—like custom styling and creating your Global Landing Page, managing the child projects within your Enterprise Group, and adding any language support and localization integrations.

🔑 Enterprise User Management

If you're looking for guidance on setting up authentication methods such as OAuth and Single Sign-on or on how to configure access management and user permission levels, this is the section to head to! Within this section, there are pages for each authentication method (OAuth, Single Sign-On, SAML), as well as pages to learn more about setting up access control and user roles.

🌊 Enterprise Workflow

With ReadMe's Enterprise plan customers get access to certain Enterprise-only features related to previewing, publishing, and downloading content. Head to this section to learn more about Enterprise workflow features and best practices!